About us

Marc Gordon:

I have been practicing law for over 40 years and take pride in developing personal relationships with my clients. I take the settlement of their case personally. I am an aggressive litigator and fight for my clients, while being fair and honest. I believe that personal communication with a client is imperative for a successful outcome. I am available 24-7, even when I am on vacation or out of the country. No client has ever said that I do not return phone calls.

Apart from my experience and legal knowledge, one of my biggest advantages is that I respond to a client’s needs as quickly as possible and I consider their concerns. I provide my clients with background information and legal advice to help them make informed decisions, including guidance and referrals to quality medical specialists. Even if a case requires litigation that is not financially beneficial to me, I put my clients first.

Having represented a number of medical professionals, I developed contacts with a vast number of medical professionals, and through my involvement in many cases, I have developed cordial professional relationships with claims adjusters. In many instances I have been retained by claims adjusters to handle their personal injury claims.

My wide experience in many legal fields gives me decided advantages—from navigating workers’ compensation cases to criminal defense; from personal injury cases to negotiating leases and business contracts.

Christopher Froba:

I have been practicing law for over a decade and I approach any legal problem in an intelligent and logical manner in order to resolve it as quickly and successfully as possible. I was once a public defender and now I am in private practice—covering personal injury, workers’ compensation, and debt collection defense. I also represent companies and individuals that are being sued in business litigation. I have recovered over a million dollars for my clients.

I’ve always wanted to represent regular, everyday people who have legal problems and who need help. I get the most satisfaction when I help my clients solve their legal problems—whether it is helping a tenant who is being evicted from their property, a person injured in a car accident, or someone who is being sued by a huge company for an old debt.

I am in court at least two days a week, and this extensive courtroom experience gives me the ability to successfully present cases and achieve just resolutions for my clients.

If I work on your case, I will always be honest and realistic, and keep you informed with the progression of your case. I am only a phone call away and will always answer my phone immediately, unless I am in court, in which case you will be assured that I will talk to you by days end.