Testimonials and success cases


“Mr Froba assisted with a debt collection matter. His professionalism and legal acumen resulted in the successful resolution of my case. I highly recommend him for this or any related services.” (T. Jones)

"I was injured while working as a CNA. I had prior knee replacement surgery, but re-injured the knee replacement when I fell at work. The employer’s doctor wanted to send me back to work to a job for which I was not qualified. With Mr. Gordon’s help, I obtained a large lump sum settlement and the employer was required to pay for me to undergo another knee replacement surgery." (Bandu K.)

“My girlfriend and I were involved in a very serious accident. She hired her own attorney and I chose Mr. Gordon. My case settled quickly and for a large sum of money. My girlfriend’s attorney is still promising her a good outcome.” (Mike T.)

“Thank you for your handling of my custody dispute. You were patient with me and the end result was more than I ever expected.” (Tom)

“Just would like to let you know how much I do appreciate you professional and expert work. I am always recommending your service to everyone I know and will do it in the future.” (Natalia G.)

“I am very impressed by Chris Forba. His empathy and passion for the one whom he is rooting for, the level of preparedness, and high professionalism—all this is beyond words. The more we work together, the more I appreciate that I was referred to him. Thank you for all your help.” (Stella)

“My experience with both Marc Gordon and Chris Froba was phenomenal. They resolved my workers compensation claim to my satisfaction, they secured a large third party liability settlement, and Mr. Gordon’s handling of my custody issues was spot on.” (Shanae J.)

Success cases

Since the 1970s, we have amassed hundreds of successful cases and have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Here are summaries of a few of our cases:

Motor vehicle accident: One such case involved two insurance companies and a client who suffered catastrophic injuries that required lifetime care. Our client was injured while driving in her boyfriend’s car. He was intoxicated and speeding, and another car turned into this speeding car. The total amount of insurance was thirty thousand dollars, yet we were able to recover against both insurance companies a sum in excess of $3 million.

Workers’ compensation case: In a workers’ compensation case, we represented the estate of a person who died while working. We were able to identify the defendant who was deemed responsible, which resulted in a seven-figure settlement.

A criminal defense case: We represented a woman charged with murdering her husband. We were able to convince a jury that our client acted in self-defense of herself and her daughter and she was acquitted of murder. Prior to the acquittal, the handling District Attorney never previously lost a murder case, securing a conviction in every instance.

A family law case: We represented a father who had a child born out of wedlock. Shortly after the birth, he and the mother broke up and the mother denied him visitation. Notwithstanding personal issues, the father secured visitation and presently spends three nights a week with his child. He also has shared legal custody and spends time with his son on holidays and during summer vacation.

A debt collection case: This women was sued in the Philadelphia Municipal Court for an automobile loan involving a repossessed vehicle. The company that sued her alleged that she owed over eleven thousand dollars. The result was that the case was dismissed, our client received $1000 from the company that sued her for violation of federal law, and the debt was permanently removed from her credit report.