Auto insurance

Important things to keep in mind when buying or reviewing your auto insurance:

  1. Purchasing the cheapest coverage may haunt you forever.
  2. Purchasing auto insurance is similar to purchasing any other product. Compare coverages from different insurance companies and get a number of quotes.
  3. Do not confuse full coverage with full tort. Full coverage does not mean you have full tort.
  4. If you buy “limited tort” instead of “full tort,” you place yourself at a disadvantage if you are injured in a car accident. Even if you believe you are seriously injured, the final decision may be left to a judge or a jury to decide any damages, if any. With full tort, if you are not at fault, you automatically recover for pain and suffering.
  5. What your insurance company is trying to sell you may not be what you need. Some insurance agents may not explain all your options.
  6. Are you insured against uninsured motorists? If not, you may be unable to pursue any recovery.
  7. Are you protected in the event that the at-fault driver does not have enough coverage? Purchasing under-insured coverage will protect you. Pennsylvania is one of the few states that offer excess coverage in opposed to gap coverage.
  8. Collision versus comprehensive. If you choose just collision, you are unprotected against loss from theft or fire.

We will gladly discuss with you what coverages to purchase and which insurance companies provide you with the best protection.